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Our Mission Statement:

"Customer Satisfaction through Precision Excellence"

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At Raco Steel Company, we think the surest way to customer satisfaction is to do what we do best. That's why we dedicate our shop to the highest quality re-squared blanks, leveled sheets, and slit coil at the most competitive pricing in the industry.

About Us

We are a full service steel distribution center located in Markham, Illinois, just 30 minutes south of Chicago.

Since our founding in 1952, we have steadily grown, from one man operating out of his garage to our current 125,000 square foot production and storage facility.

We believe our longevity in the steel industry can be attributed to three things:

  1. Our ability to form long lasting partnerships with our customers.
  2. Our commitment to integrity in all our business transactions.
  3. Our firm belief that your success is our success.

Since the beginning our goal has been to provide our customers with the highest quality steel at the best possible price. In pursuit of this goal, in 2001 Raco Steel Co. became one of the first steel service centers in North America to become ISO 9001 Certified.

We are proud of our record of steady growth and continue to expand our customer base, by providing both new and longstanding customers with steel supplier programs of the greatest total value.


Gauges stocked from .014 to .135
Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled:
Gauges stocked from .070 to .437
Gauges stocked from .015 to .147
All coating weights available
Electro Galvanized:
Gauges stocked from .015 to .120
All coating weights available
Gauges stocked from .015 to .100
All coating weights available
Long Terne:
Gauges stocked from .059 to .089

Material stocked in Full Prime, Excess Prime, and Secondary.

Processing Capabilities

We specialize in processing steel blanks, leveled sheets, and slit coils.

Our on-site equipment can hold width and length tolerances down to +/-.010 on sheets and blanks.

Our coil slitter can handle 72 inch wide coils up to 50,000 lbs and hold width tolerances of +/-.005.

Certified Tri-Axle Scale

We have a certified tri-axle truck scale on premises used for all outbound loads.

Local Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies:

Need a scale in the local area? Only $8 per weight. Scale available 24/7. Stop by or call to see about setting up an account*.
Directions / Phone Number

*Sorry, account holders only. We cannot handle cash or credit card transactions.


Our discipline of quality extends to every aspect of our company, from our carefully maintained shop, to our knowledgeable management team.

Our Quality Policy
We will consistently uphold "Precision Excellence," by achieving Customer Satisfaction, through the production of the highest quality steel blanks, leveled sheets, slit coil, and through the performance excellence of our people.

This Quality Policy sets the foundation for our Quality Management System. These values and beliefs provide guidelines that help to ensure that we achieve the following objectives:

ISO Quality System


We have been ISO 9001 certified since September of 2001 and we are registered with AJA Registrars LTD.

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2100 W. 163rd Place
Markham, IL 60428

Phone: (708) 596-0800
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